Memoryscape logo Voices from the hidden history of the Thames

This sound walk is the result of an extraordinary drifting experiment along the river Thames. Cultural historian Toby Butler created a float out of driftwood and flotsam, then spent weeks following the float along the river, guided by the current. Wherever the float collided with the bank, he looked for someone to interview about their life and their relationship with the Thames.

The red spots on the map show where the float hit the bank. Click on a red spot to see what happened

Swans & Ducks Raven's Ait The Broken Boat Waterworks Reach Thames Ditton Marina Chalets and Bungalows The Pavilion Cigarette Island Motor Boat Club Molesey Lock Ash Island

LATEST NEWS: A new trail and guidebook has been launched at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. An interview with the author can be found on History Workshop Online.The publications list has also been updated.


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